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Gavin Morgan

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About Us

The Guildford Heritage Forum was set up to promote a "positive and open debate about our heritage services". Our main focus is Guildford Museum which is being updated. We are following progress and encouraging public involvment.

We came together in August 2015 when it appeared that Guildford Museum was under threat (see article in Guildford Dragon). However, in April 2016 the Council decided to invest in improvements to the museum (see Plan the Future). Our heritage is good for tourism and the town's economy. It adds to the town's prestige and quality of life, making the town a popular place to live. It is also the very soul of a town such as ours: if we don't understand our history we won't value it. A debate about the importance of our heritage and how we want to celebrate it, is long overdue. All of us who believe in the importance of history to our town have something to contribute whether we are teachers, local historians, archaeologists or just love our historic town